2021 IFPDA Spring Edition

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Mixografia is a fine arts printer and publisher based in Los Angeles, California. Mixografia® expands the realm of printmaking by using handmade paper to incorporate dimensionality and relief into a traditionally two-dimensional medium. We aim to provide every artist with a collaborative and enriching experience, accommodating each artist’s unique style and vision. We strive to create new possibilities in contemporary printmaking by bringing creative energy to each new project.

With our 2021 IFPDA Spring Print Fair exhibition, we are pleased to feature Icharhuta, a 2017 edition by Abraham Cruzvillegas. The artist synthesizes vast constructions from his personal memory and a larger cultural story to the size of a banknote and a folded paper boat.

Primarily known for his large-scale Autoconstrucciones, Cruzvillegas’ process of deconstruction and reconstruction is a running thread through his assemblage works. Cruzvillegas lays bare the inner mechanics of the built environment, underscoring the ever-changing edifices of culture, history, and personal identity. His creations draw from a sense of times past, a manifesting present, and an unknown future, walking the line between autobiography and anthropology. With Icharhuta and accompanying artworks by Chun Kwang-Young and Kcho, the exhibition considers islands and aggregates, looking toward the collective in times of fragmentation. Chun Kwang-Young’s Aggregations consist of texts printed on mulberry paper that have been deconstructed and reassembled, a transformation and assemblage akin to Cruzvillegas’ intricate constructions. Kcho’s images of swimmers and rowboats speak to the experience of being surrounded by the sea, sharing similar sentiments with Icharhuta as to the importance of water and using the materials at hand to stay afloat.

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