Art Los Angeles Contemporary

The Barker Hangar

Mixografia® will feature new artworks by artists Jacob Hashimoto and Analia Saban.
Art Los Angeles Contemporary, January 26th- 29th.
The Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405.
Booth A6

Jacob Hashimoto
Not so Much Discoveries as Memories, 2016
Mixografia® print on handmade paper and archival pigment print with push pins
Edition of 23

Jacob Hashimoto produced new editions in collaboration with Mixografia.  Each print is reminiscent of a preparatory study of Hashimoto’s installations. The series is composed of what appear to be delicate paper kites hanging by strings from atop a timeworn wooden surface. While his studies are the outset of a decided end, Hashimoto presents these prints as completed artworks themselves. They invite the viewer to take an intimate look into his practice of making, while synthesizing a corporeal material past within a notion of unbounded futurity.

Analia Saban
Three Stripe Hand Towel with Hole and Unsewn Label, 2016
Mixografia® print on handmade paper
Edition of 40

Analia Saban’s latest series entitled “Thank You Plastic Bags,” furthers the artist’s career-long exploration into the physical qualities of quotidian materials. Each bag is printed with a different design and slogan which have become integral and iconic to the imagery of the disposable plastic bag. Tinged with humor and irony, this series of “plastic” bags, printed in high relief on handmade cotton paper, continues to play upon Saban’s manipulation of material, while elevating the disposable into the realm of fine art.

Mixografia® will also feature editions produced by artists John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha.


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