Exhibition opening: Duality


Los Angeles, CA (May 2019) – Mixografia is pleased to announce Duality, an exhibition that brings together a variety of artworks that act in opposition to one another. The exhibition includes printed editions by Leonora Carrington, Ed Ruscha, Joe Goode, Jason Martin, Frank Stella, Park Seo-bo, and Terry Winters. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 from 4:00PM – 6:00PM. The gallery is located at 1419 East Adams Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90011.


Leonora Carrington explores themes of metamorphosis, magic, and biblical allegory. She populates her compositions with hybrid creatures; human figures fused with mythical and imagined beasts suggest a confrontation between the material world and the world of dreams. Among the early European surrealists, Carrington is a pioneer in her century-spanning explorations of the subconscious and her portrayal of imagery related to mystical experience. Along with her notable painting practice, she utilizes lithography and other print media to communicate these concepts with an ethereal and delicate mastery of the drawn line. As in her 1974 lithograph Stag at Mourn, she combines a diversity of philosophical musings as embodied in Celtic mythology, ancient rabbinic mysticism, and an emphasis on the animal kingdom and the natural world.


Nearby are selections from Mimmo Paladino’s California Suite, in which he uses symbolic tropes that emphasize a humanistic view and the inner life of the mind. Using simplified representations of the human form in combination with industrial materials, Paladino relates mythology, metaphor, and symbolism to the modern condition. Paladino’s references to antiquity and primitivism ultimately connect to his explorations of modernity.


Also on view are prints by Jason Martin. Untitled (White) and Untitled (Prussian Blue) demonstrate the artist’s captivating mastery of gestural compositions, vibrant colors, and heavily textured surfaces. Displayed together, they engage in a harmony of opposites; whereas one emphasizes sharply defined shadows and the flowing motion of the built material, the other subdues its shadows in the stately darkness of the blue pigment.


Ed Ruscha’s Mixografia prints Rusty Signs evoke the passage of time as it exists in the urban landscape. Rather than depicting the landscape itself, Ruscha renders the effects of decay on the objects as one may find them within the landscape at various points of neglect and disrepair. Removed from their functional context, the signs contain messages that carry an emotional or conceptual resonance beyond their instructional purpose.  Joe Goode also dwells on perception and the effects of time in his Pollution series of Mixografia prints. His miasmic compositions shroud his subjects in a blurry haze, placing the viewer behind a veil of dense abstraction.


Through their use of light and dark, contrasting subject matter, and other conceptual dualities, the artworks featured in Duality consider the many alternative approaches artists take to the Mixografia process.


Duality will remain on view through Saturday, July 13th, 2019.

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