INK MIAMI Art Fair 2023

Suites of Dorchester

Located walking distance from the Miami Beach Convention Center. Entry is free!


Mixografia is thrilled to announce:

Flyer announcing our participation in INK MIAMI Art Fair 2023 taking place December 6 - December 10, 2023 at the Dorchester Suites Miami Beach Florida.

Please join us in presenting our latest editions by:




We will also feature prints by:

John Baldessari
Kwang-Young Chun
Sonya Clark
Abraham Cruzvillegas
Francesca Gabbiani
Mathias Goeritz
Jacob Hashimoto
Alex Israel
Ed Ruscha
Analía Saban
Donald Sultan
Rufino Tamayo
Manolo Valdés
Tom Wesselmann
Rachel Whiteread
Terry Winters
Jonas Wood

Click here for INK Catalog 2023




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