Mixografia to be featured in two prominent European exhibitions

British Museum, LondonThe American Dream: Pop to the Present
will feature Mixografia prints from Ed Ruscha
February 23, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA.) Mixografia is a printer and publisher of fine art prints. It was founded in Mexico City in 1968 by Luis and Lea Remba and has now been operating out of Downtown Los Angeles for over 30 years.   Mixografia’s work will be exhibited in the month of March at two Museum exhibitions in Europe. The exhibitions will showcase Mixografia® prints created in collaboration with artists Ed Ruscha and Alberto Burri, respectively.

The British Museum (London), The American Dream: Pop to the Present, will feature Ed Ruscha’s prints along with other American artists. Taking inspiration from the world around them – billboard advertising, global politics, Hollywood and household objects – American artists created highly original prints to rival their paintings and sculptures. Printmaking brought their work to a much wider and more diverse audience.

The sheer inventiveness and technical ingenuity of their prints reflects America’s power and influence during this period. Many of these works also address the deep divisions in society that continue to resonate with us today. This exhibition presents the Museum’s outstanding collection of modern and contemporary American prints for the first time.

Mixografia prints® by Ruscha are part of this exhibition.  From the “Rusty Signs” series two prints appear to be rusted signs that read “DEAD END” and “CASH FOR TOOLS.”  “GHOST STATION,” a Mixografia print of one of  Ruscha’s most iconic image will also be exhibited.  He developed a vibrant signature style of combining words, images, objects, and landscapes in deadpan ways—sometimes humorous, sometimes somber—that associated him first with Pop Art in the 1960s and then with Conceptual Art in the 1970s .  Mixografia has had the honor of working with Ruscha for over 25 years and has produced several of his editions.


Fondazione Palazzo Abizzini Burri Collection, Italy
will feature Mixografia prints from Alberto Burri
Opening March 12th, 2017
Luis and Lea Remba participate in a panel on March 11th, 2017
in Città di Castello, Perugia

Lea and Luis Remba have been invited to speak on a panel, L’opera grafica nell’arte contemporane, at 10:00am on March 11th, 2017, at Fondazione Palazzo Albizzini Burri Collection for the exhibition, L’opera grafica permanente de Alberto Burri.   An exclusive exhibition dedicated to the entire print corpus of Alberto Burri, on the occasion of his centenary which opens a new phase of life of the Foundation.

This exhibition shows the entire print repertoire of Burri’s prints, an important aspect of his artistic production, which sometimes is ahead, sometimes follows, and in other cases it is coeval with his major works and highlights also his extraordinary dexterity and aptitude for constant experimentation.

In 1990, Alberto Burri created Mixoblack in collaboration with Mixografia.  This is a suite of ten monochromatic prints. The prints epitomize the distinctive mix of elegance and raw tactility for which Burri’s work has been celebrated throughout his career.  Burri designed models for his prints using acrylic and marble powder on Masonite, producing images that were deeply expressive in their manipulation of texture, while remaining refined in their simple use of one pigment. His use of glossy and matte black inks creates an exquisite juxtaposition of light and dark texture that adds dimensionality to each panel of the series. The shapes are simple and unimposing, but the subtle differentiation of textures and the variants of black bring them to life.

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