2018 IFPDA Print Fair

Javits Center

Los Angeles, CA — Mixografia is pleased to present a selection of artworks in the 2018 International Fine Print Dealers Association Print Fair at Javits Center, 655 W 34th Street (Booth 215), from October 25th – 28th.

Mixografia will feature 2018 releases by John Baldessari and Jonas Wood. Also on view will be a selection of recent artworks by Alex Israel, Ed Ruscha, and Analia Saban.

John Baldessari draws from his emblematic use of language and archival film photography in BLAH, his latest edition with Mixografia. The piece reads in bold text across three lines: “J SAID BLAH SNORE”. The text conceals a double meaning, assembled as an anagram containing all the letters of the artist’s name while also conveying his iconic linguistic wit. The letters, each saturated with a different contrasting color, are superimposed atop still images sourced from classic films. They appear to be painted with a continuous brushstroke applied across them horizontally with a heavy impasto-like texture, which in reality is impressed in the paper’s surface. Baldessari uses motifs and messages that come together in an enigmatic yet familiar representation of the artist and his work.

Jonas Wood’s first collaboration with Mixografia, Three Clippings, features a suite of three prints derived from his clippings series, in which he clips plant imagery from his other works and re-contextualizes them as stand-alone subjects. These recent prints depict flowers on stems, simplified to sharp-edged fields of solid color and set against neutral white backgrounds of handmade paper.

Layers of leaves and petals overlap and protrude from the paper’s surface in a layered low relief, leaving the perspective compressed to a flattened frontal view. Wood emphasizes subtle tonal variations throughout each flower; while each print maintains harmonious color arrangements, few elements are exactly alike. Similarly, Wood renders each shape with stylized irregularity, suggesting organic rhythms that manifest in nature.

We are honored to continue our enriching partnerships with these outstanding artists. We will be located in Booth 215.  We look forward to seeing you and sharing our recent collaborations.



Public Fair Hours

Wednesday, October 25th – Saturday, October 27th from 12 – 8 pm
Sunday, October 28th from 12 – 6 pm
More information about the fair can be found online at www.printfair.com

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