Life is Short, Art is Forever by Edward Goldman, KCRW, Huffington Post

To describe the last few weeks and the upcoming days as tumultuous would be an understatement. I believe that now, more than ever, we need an extra dose of art to distract us and keep our spirits high. Top: Jacob Hashimoto speaking in front of Another Cautionary Tale Comes to Mind, 2016 Mixografia, Los Angeles … Continued

Analia Saban by Annabel Osberg, Artillery Magazine

  Analia Saban, DANKE MERCI THANK YOU GRACIAS ARIGATO Plastic Bag, 2016. Photograph by Micah Espudo   Through her show, “Paper or Plastic?”, at the innovative Mixografia studio, Analia Saban breathes new life into plastic grocery bags while highlighting their vapidity as an aging commercial technology. In earlier bodies of work, Saban cast mundane objects … Continued

Mixografia Preserves the Art of the Printed Page, Bettina Korek

Photos by Tanveer Badal The Los Angeles-based fine-arts printmaker Mixografia takes 2-D reproductions to perceptual 3-D heights, using secretive methods that take skill and talent.   Artist editions, like those created by printmaking fixture Mixografia, have long held the promise of democratizing access to fine art. Along with artist books, they offer a more economically … Continued

Mixografia brings artists’ Visions to life by Avishay Artsy, Jewish Journal

  In a strip of nondescript, industrial warehouses south of downtown Los Angeles, a groundbreaking printmaking studio renders handmade cotton paper into every conceivable texture, color and shape — even imitating materials like concrete, rusted metal and wood. Known as Mixografia, it has worked with high-profile artists to create prints that have a volume, depth … Continued

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